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Boats For Sale | Idaho Marine Inc.

Idaho Marine Inc. is known in Boise, ID, for its unparalleled stock of boats for sale. All of their pre-owned and new boats...

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Idaho Marine Inc. also sells the latest high quality boat motors available on the market today. These boat motors......

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Idaho Marine Inc. specializes in providing customers a wide range of high quality boat accessories. These boat accessories...

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Idaho Marine Inc. is the premiere one stop shop for all things regarding boats in Boise, ID, and the surrounding areas. At Idaho Marine, everything comes down to value. They have a wide range of boat products at very affordable prices. These products only come from leading manufacturers. The company also provides customers with financing to purchase the products that they have always wanted.

For many years, the company has been the leader in providing Boise residents with the latest fuel efficient four stroke outboard motors for their boats. They also teamed with only the finest boat engine builders in the industry. Their outboard motors offer fuel efficiency, unparalleled performance and reliability. Idaho Marine also provides full service repair for these engines. Additionally, customers can save 50 percent or more on buying a new propeller when they have theirs repaired. Idaho Marine also sells boating accessories at budget friendly prices. This includes anchors, lines, batteries, steering systems, boat lights, docking equipment and bimini tops. Call right now to customize your fishing experience with Idaho Marine.